The Far Shore

Streamline brands put their customer’s data to work.

The Far Shore

Streamline companies put their customer's data to work.

What all of Streamline’s companies have in common is the ability to untangle the repetitive manual financial and compliance processes that stop many businesses from ever getting out of first gear. Their mandate is to help customers reach their far shore, the fully-realised vision of an organisation liberated from admin fatigue.

Acume offers simple, powerful financial tools for businesses of all sizes, while Admin Army provides bookkeeping and virtual admin support services. Streamline Solutions gets granular with custom business processing solutions and Ripple draws on the group’s deep experience in the charities sector to offer powerful donor management and communication tools.

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Business unleashed.

Faster, more accurate and lower cost. Highly productive busniess process solutions that release you to focus on what really matters.


Waging war on business admin.

Admin Army takes care of the things you don’t want to. Your team on the ground if you want to spend less time on admin and more time on building business.

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Freedom from the grind.

Simple, powerful finance tools for businesses of all sizes.


Let your fundraising ripple further.

A trusted partner from campaign launch to landing for a better donor experience.


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